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Welcome! Thanks for investing in this relationship and taking time to learn more about us. We'll get up close and personal as we work together through your valley; sharing the same systems that allow the incredible life we created individually after our own tragedies and the family unit we are building around two people who share a passion for helping others.


We speak and coach the same principles that we live out daily and that allows us the incredible marriage, financial independence, business success and free-spirited life living in Naples, Florida. Every morning we wake up to one of God’s most beautiful creations: the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico. This, alongside our beautiful family unit, is a fantastic daily reminder that “God does not waste pain”. For good reason, this is one of our favorite sayings.


Our mission is to share with you how we designed a life of intentionality following life's most tragic events and provide you with the tools to create your own story that sets you free.

Learn more about Jana and her story here:

& see the super cute family we brought together from the ashes

circa 2017

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