divorce coaching in a group setting

MY HAPPILY EVER AFTER WAS DESTROYED. Broken into a million pieces. The journey from married to a single woman began with an overwhelming array of thoughts and emotions. I felt "off balance" (to put it mildly), and my mind was consumed with questions and fears - and I was the one who left. I had YEARS to think about how this would be. 

I was already exhausted emotionally and physically from the logistics of divorce, now I had to take stock of ME; and maybe for the first time in my life it was time to figure out who I was, what I wanted, and how to find the love and happiness I desired. As it turned out, jumping into dating without being clear on these things resulted in my attracting a whole assortment of dates, none of which were a fit for me. It was in that moment that I made the choice to take control of my experience, no longer allowing it to control me.


As I set out to design the life I desired, I knew that first I needed to check in with myself and ask, "am I the very best version of ME?"


In order to show up as my best self and as I say,


BE what I wanted to attract in all areas of my life,


I had some work to do .. both on the inside and the outside. I immersed myself in that goal, made a plan and took action. I learned more about myself during that time than in all the rest of my life and can say now that I truly LOVE who I am and the extraordinary life I have designed. My passion is leading others through building their road map and taking action to arrive at the life they desire. 



Bridging the gap between where you are today and where you want to be begins with a first step

... Let this be your first step. Give yourself the gift of a new beginning; one where YOU take control and design your next chapter. 


FEBRUARY 26 & 27, 2019




MARCH 11, 2019

                NEW GROUPS KICK-OFF









  • Let go of the anger and bitterness so you can step into your next chapter

  • Find out who you are as a single woman; make the investment and give yourself the attention that you deserve

  • Design & adopt a new blueprint for life and get real results

  • Navigating and setting the tone for a healthy co-parenting relationship under stress

  • Show up as the very best version of yourself in every area of life. Every. Day. 

  • BE what you want to attract

  • Identify and eliminate any limiting beliefs holding you back from the life you desire

  • How to handle your new financial status and become independent

  • Offer your own expertise, accountability, strength and experience to other IMPACT LIFE members - and likewise, draw from theirs 

  • Be passionate about life and work again 

  • Gain camaraderie & friendship from the other members of your #girltribe

  • Successfully navigate the dating world again

  • Select the right online platform, do's & don'ts, write captivating profiles

  • AND MORE ...

Let's Get Started

A brief telephone introduction with Debra: you'll tell us your story post-divorce and what your needs are right now; and together we'll discuss which group is right for you


Sign-Up & Select the best time that works for you

Submit your new member packet

Get access to your group's private social platform for communicating and doing life with your tribe throughout the week

What You Need

A laptop or computer with working webcam

A journal for documenting the transformation and putting your action plan on paper

A willingness to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to bring about the change you desire

YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR ... because if you don't laugh, you'll cry. We're making big moves & doing deep work


"If you're considering working with Debra you can't go wrong - she just gets it. She was instrumental in my life. There are only a handful of these people; I wish I had met her closer to the beginning of my journey but so glad to have her in my corner."


Frequently asked questions

How does an IMPACT LIFE GROUP work?

IMPACT LIFE GROUPS meet for one hour through video conference weekly. The group also interacts and supports one another during the week via an online message board and private social platforms. Because of the camaraderie nature of our IMPACT LIFE GROUPS, we are looking for those members open to participating for a full year; but a three month financial commitment is required. This is of importance and speaks directly to the quality of the journey the group takes alongside one another. This group of highly-motivated people are willing to show up for every meeting - bearing transparency and authenticity. That commitment is crucial for your success and the success of the group as a whole. Each meeting follows an agenda - determined by the needs of the individual group - and the coach (facilitator) keeps things flowing productively allowing for deeper, richer brainstorming, goal-setting, blueprinting and accountability.

Who will facilitate my IMPACT LIFE GROUP?

Your IMPACT LIFE GROUP facilitator will be one of our experienced professional coaches who have been trained to guide the discussions of the group while bringing about the success of every member. It is their job to create an environment where trust and rapport are foundational among the members, while guiding the group to deeper discussions and helping to awaken all that is lying dormant within the group members - bringing to life within the IMPACT LIFE GROUP sessions the very goals you are striving to attain. Note that an IMPACT LIFE GROUPS Coach should not be confused with an instructor/facilitator or a team leader/facilitator. Group facilitation has its own set of skills and roles and differ from teaching adults or working with a corporate team to implement a single, common goal. Your facilitator has the experience and capability to run excellent success-oriented meetings, hold the group accountable, and the expertise to brainstorm with the members to find solutions to tough problems.

What goals can an IMPACT LIFE GROUP help me achieve?

An IMPACT LIFE GROUP is an ideal offering if you are a person looking to go to the next level (ELEVATE) - either in your personal life, relasionships, friends circle, or in your career / business or both! It will offer you sound, unbiased guidance as you overcome the challenges and roadblocks along the journey to achieve your goals. Imagine having a permanent group of five to eight people who meet regularly for the sole purpose of identifying and solving problems, brainstorming, clarifying goals, encouraging and motivating each other, and assessing risks all while holding each other accountable to taking the actionable steps to achieve their goals! An IMPACT LIFE GROUP offers real support and seeks growth together to be powerfully effective and see lasting change.

Why Set Goals?

The difference between staying average and living extraordinary - between explosive success and mediocrity - for many is simply a matter of creating a clear vision, setting goals, and having the strenth and accountability to see it through to finish. Once you gain the relationship, or get the job, or buy the home, or have the family, etc.. many people tend to transition to merely "going with the flow/ just doing the work". When you fail to continually push yourself to set new and bigger goals and outline a clear path for achievement, you are putting life on cruise control and thereby passively saying that you are content with where you are. And in that place, in that mindset, life will rule you – not the other way around.