I never thought I'd be here ... now what?

You may be exhausted, don't know what to do next, who to ask, or where to turn.

You have maxed out and worn out your friends and family.

You have put everyone else first for so long that you've forgotten how to love on yourself, or take care of your health, wellness, or consider your own needs. 

Your brain is on total overload and your coping mechanisms are too much wine or cheesy Hallmark movie marathons on the couch. 

Should you set up an online dating profile? If so, which one? 

You're trying to protect your children through this season but don't know where to start?

You want to stop all the crazy; to stop crying, let your anger go and just MOVE ON. LET GO. AND START LIVING YOUR DREAM OF AN INCREDIBLE LIFE. 

There is life after divorce. What happened to you does NOT define you, nor do the people in or around your life. Your future is up to only YOU! This is YOUR TIME! You don't have to go from the fire you've been in to a perfect life overnight, but what you do need is to have clear direction for the life you want to live or you'll end up on a trail that isn't in line with your core values.

You have reached TRANSITION. An important moment that defines who you will be as you step into your next chapter and determines the quality of how you will live remainder of your days on this earth. It takes more than a dream and a desire to live fully again after devastating loss; it takes clarity of what is holding you back and a willingness to live outside the limiting beliefs that define what you believe is possible for your life. Living an extraordinary life will require  intentional action - clarity of what you want, an actual plan to get there, and accountability to the results. You will learn the importance of the "the gap" and the significant impact this will have on you as we begin a relentless pursuit of the other side and the accomplishment of closing that gap. You have taken a big step to be here today reading this and being ready to conquer what most will not be brave enough to pursue .. stop allowing what life has handed you to control you and take control back. Go from merely existing to really living again. 

we want to be in your corner

Right now you're making heavy decisions that will impact the lives of the people who mean the most to you - all while you're operating under the most stress, least amount of sleep, distracted, and the heaviest load you've ever carried. We want you back to the best version of yourself; the one that is bright, clear-minded & confident. We'll lead you there.

Our passion is helping people through the gap of transition - going from where you find yourself today and arriving to the life you truly desire. Our programs and philosophies are developed from the streets of real-life experience. We developed a system, strategies, and playbooks after having to pick up the pieces after losing a spouse and a marriage to divorce. Our Divorce Coaching team are now using these systems and strategies to successfully impact our clients in building their next chapters to an extraordinary life. 

We'll be a refreshing resource and a strong support team that will give you both clear perspective and professional guidance.


We encourage you to sign up for a free coaching session to experience how we help.

 The journey between where you are today and where you want to be can begin with this COMPLIMENTARY 30 MINUTE SESSION

  • Heal your hurt & start moving forward

  • Identify exactly what you want and who you are for your next chapter

  • Design a plan and the steps to take for life during and beyond divorce

  • Learn to let go of anger and bitterness so that you can move on

  • Skills to have a healthy co-parenting relationship

  • Step outside of your comfort zone

  • Increase confidence knowing that you're moving in the right direction & making decisions to achieve best outcome

  • Boost your everyday mental attitude & emotional strength

  • Find your passion about life and work again

  • Define and work towards financial independence

  • Show up every day as the very best version of yourself in every area of your life

  • Build out a friend network that enhances your quality of life

  • and so much more ...

  • How to know if you're ready to date again

  • Learn to BE what you want to attract

  • Be vulnerable and open to finding real, true love

  • Identify your love language and what fills your "love account"

  • Have complete & absolute clarity on your ideal mate

  • Hold to your standards without compromise

  • Pull someone in rather than pushing them away

  • Keeping good emotional boundaries while "getting back out there"

  • Are you dating to marry? 

  • How to pick someone to be in that step-father role

  • Navigate the dating waters and select the right online platform for you

  • Write a powerful profile that is both captivating & honest

  • Do's and Don'ts for your first date  and beyond

  • Guideline of dating & intimacy 

  • Dating in the era of social media and texting

  • Learn how to show up and be present & communicate more effectively without "dumping"


We connect with our clients each week for one hour either in person or virtually. Clients leverage our coaching in two settings: one-on-one or in one of our groups with like-minded peers who have faced the same road as you and are moving to their victory with team support. 

Brent and I both struggled to find support and community as we walked through our own personal tragedies. In those times, we individually (and a thousand miles apart) seized our moments, lived with intention, mapped out the lives we desired, did the work, and made it happen. The life we have was not by accident or by chance or by luck. It was a blueprint & a plan that we executed.

We made it our mission to develop our experiences into a program that is both effective & convenient (virtually) - allowing a newly single woman and/or mom to attend at their convenience and with no compromise on the results. Meeting virtually has allowed us to do one-on-one coaching regardless of the location. At the end of the day, this is about getting results and lasting change; finding hope and healing while moving forward into the great things that life has for you! 

These aren't counseling sessions. We will offer support and a platform for you to openly express and work through your grieving the loss of your marriage or life as you had known it, but only while we hold you accountable to results as we work through your playbook to achieve the life that you desire after your divorce.


We are unlike anything you have seen in the divorce support network .. we have literally shaken the foundations of the traditional approach to life transformation and rebuild.


Meeting in person can sometimes offer advantages over virtual coaching, but is limited to those in the Naples, Florida area. We offer travel packages and do on-site coaching and onboarding for an additional fee.


We use  state of the art video conferencing, making location not an issue. You'll be able to join from your safe, private, convenient place by computer or smart phone. All you need is an internet connection. 


Video conferencing is ideal for face-to-face connections and strategizing during our sessions, but we understand that life is busy. Sometimes it is necessary to receive support through a phone session.



Interactive support includes  unlimited email and text exchanges with your coach (as available), access to your group's private social platform for communicating and doing life with your tribe throughout week, and an online resource center. 






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