+ two 30-minute follow-up sessions

Dating / Getting back in the game after divorce is a PROCESS. The trainwreck didn't happen in one day; and it won't be fixed in one day either. It will take some time and you'll need to be patient. 


There are things you can do to accelerate the process & things you can do that will result in a better experience.

After all, you want to walk off of the court with this relationship ending differently than the last one and be as pain-free as possible. 

Our coaches will do a deep dive showing you the 8 key areas to overhaul that will significantly reduce the time spent making the mistakes that have others feeling stuck and unfulfilled in the dating game. 


The two 30-minute follow-up sessions will allow you to fine tune your approach and gain insight from a seasoned professional as you look to make your next move. 


Are you:​ 

  • painfully navigating through separation or divorce?

  • feeling under attack in all areas of your life?

  • juggling new expenses?

  • forced to perform at peak levels at work to finance the transition - all while you are personally drained and drowning?

  • overwhelmed by the tasks and transitions ahead of you?

  • feeling stuck or blocked from reaching your goals?

  • negotiating new family and social roles?

  • wondering how to be super dad on your own?

  • searching for your new single-man identity?

  • ready to go from breakup to breakthrough? 


  • Heal your hurt, let go of your anger & start moving forward

  • Identify what exactly YOU want in your next chapter

  • Create personal and/or professional action plans

  • Enhanced communication skills

  • Avoid compromise in your need/search for companionship

  • Work to overcome your fear of change

  • Processing the guilt 

  • Increase confidence knowing that you're moving in the right direction & making decisions to achieve the best outcome

  • Improved strategies to accomplish career, financial, and social goals

  • Boost your everyday mental attitude & emotional strength

  • Find your passion about life and work again

  • Define and work towards financial independence

  • Become the very best version of yourself in every area of your life

  • Improved co-parenting strategies, boundaries, cooperation with ex-spouse

  • Build out a friend network that enhances your quality of life

  • How to know if you're ready to date again

  • Develop a plan to be the best version of yourself. BE what you want to attract

  • Have complete & absolute clarity on your ideal mate

  • Pull someone in rather than pushing them away

  • Keeping good emotional boundaries while "getting back out there"

  • Are you dating to marry?

  • How to pick someone to be in that step-mother role

  • Navigating the dating waters and selecting the right online platform for you

  • Write a powerful profile that is both captivating & honest

  • Do's and Don'ts for your first date 

  • Learn how to show up and be present & communicate more effectively without "dumping"


We connect with our clients each week for one hour either in person or virtually. Clients leverage our coaching in two settings: one-on-one or in one of our workshop groups with like-minded peers who are facing the same road as you and are moving to their victory with team support. 

During my divorce and in the months that followed (when I was in the gap) the support options I had were few. I was hurting and feeling the loss of life as I knew it. I overwhelmed and quickly wore out my friend and family network, which isolated me even more. I reached out to that group for answers and advice while most of them were not qualified to really push me to my greatest potential as they weren't living their best life; nor had they even faced divorce or a life overhaul and rebuild. Why would I ask those people for advice? Would you ask your landscaper for advice on a car repair and expect to get a favorable result?! I looked for groups, but found most to be dating meetups and one church in my area offered a support group based on a workbook and a severely outdated series of videos.

I desperately needed the community at that time in my life and had to find it in pieces and parts - never really even found what I was looking for all at the right time. I made it my mission to develop a program that is effective & convenient (virtually) - allowing a newly single dad  (or anyone for that matter) to attend at their convenience and with no compromise on the results. While meeting locally would seem to have it's benefits, it restricts the group dynamic to those present in your community. Meeting virtually has allowed us to do one-on-one coaching regardless of your location and to draw in people from all across the globe to create the best group dynamics matching personality, goals, and chapters of life in our groups. At the end of the day, this is about getting results and lasting change; finding hope and healing while moving forward into the great things that life has for you! 

These aren't counseling sessions. We will offer support and a platform for you to openly express and work through your grieving the loss of your marriage or life as you had known it, but only while we hold you accountable to results as we work through your playbook to achieve the life that you desire after your tragedy.


We are unlike anything you have seen in the divorce support network .. we have literally shaken the foundations of the traditional approach to life transformation and rebuild.


Meeting in person can sometimes offer advantages over virtual coaching, but is limited to those in the Naples, Florida area. We offer travel packages and do on-site coaching and onboarding for an additional fee.


We use  state of the art video conferencing, making location not an issue. You'll be able to join from your safe, private, convenient place by computer or smart phone. All you need is an internet connection. 


Video conferencing is ideal for face-to-face connections and strategizing during our sessions, but we understand that life is busy. Sometimes it is necessary to receive support through a phone session.



Interactive support includes  unlimited email and text exchanges with your coach (as available), access to your group's private social platform for communicating and doing life with your tribe throughout week, and an online resource center.





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