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I met Jana during a time of uncertainty in her life in which she learned how precious each day of life was. She was truly an inspiration as I watched her commitment to remain hopeful, faithful, and persistent in pursuance of positivity with whatever circumstances were thrown in her path. She has this intense inner passion to make the best quality of life for herself and her family despite what she has been through and continues to be enthusiastic in the pursuance of overcoming.

- Holly Chitwood, University of Kentucky Hospital

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Brent Seaman, Transformation Coach, Divorce Coach, grief coach, grief support,

"Brent is one of the smartest people that anyone could hope to meet.  He has taken adversity and learned from it, making him even stronger.  Over the years, I have seen Brent have enormous success repeatedly driven by his willingness to work incredibly hard; but more inspiring is his passion for people and his commitment to their pursuit of greatness."

- Dr. Mark Golden, MD

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Debra Costello, Transformation, Coach Divorce Coach

Life Transformation Coach

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Debra is a certified divorce and grief coach. After living her own personal divorce story, she found that not only did she have the ability, but also a compelling desire to make a difference in helping others design and attract an extraordinary life post-divorce. She coaches from a perspective of active listening, thought provoking questions and a very down to earth and customized approach. 

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