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By title, I am a keynote speaker and life transformation coach. As a woman, I am a wife, mother, survivor, overcomer, widow and the designer of an incredible life after unimaginable tragedy. I consider myself battle tested and believe that nothing is impossible.


At 32 years old, I was left the widow of an amazing man. Jon was a hero to our children and I and a war hero to our great nation - a member of the 5th Special Forces Group in the United States Army. His death left me to raise our two small girls on my own following his 15 month battle with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.


I was 38 weeks pregnant with our second child, and our oldest daughter was 4 years old when Jon was diagnosed.  His hair was literally falling out in clumps while we were in the delivery room waiting for the Pitocin to speed things along during the delivery of our daughter. The next fifteen months were a blur. I spent significant time away from our children to love and care for my precious husband in his time of need – time that we both treasured and that tore at our hearts. At the end of that that battle I had to make the decision to remove life support ... but 

As we dive in deeper, my captivating story will take you from those last days at the bedside, standing and fighting alongside my husband, to the extraordinary life I live today. It is a story of my resounding faith and optimistic hope that left me confused but not questioning, uncertain yet at peace with my circumstances. The life that has followed was birthed with intentional and strategic design as I was clouded and overcome with grief; literally feeling it steal my life from within. I believe that in the midst of absolute brokenness, beauty is to be had. Those seasons of winter is where your potential is unlocked and where the road to a passion-filled life is paved.


I am committed to doing whatever it takes to see my clients live 


ultimately Jon gave his life for our country, as his leukemia was deemed service related from his time spent as a Green Beret in Iraq (OIF).

a full life; this is inclusive of honoring their loss and pain, while challenging them to live into the best next chapter of their life. I work with my clients to clearly identify the life that they desire, and leave them with the tools to unleash their potential and take control of their destinies.  My passion is driven by my obsession for helping people identify and make those “power choices” and being a catalyst for change. You will go into the world with your purpose identified, armed with a new blueprint and the tools to take real-life steps in unleashing the greatness within you.


I excel with those people facing life transition and re-design. In different seasons and through different events life can leave each of us feeling shattered; with thousands of jagged, sharp, ugly pieces. I wholeheartedly believe that it is the responsibility of each of us to pick up all of our broken, messy pieces and create something beautiful out of them again. It is possible. Emotional healing is vitally important and an intentional process that requires your attention, it should be inclusive of a look and a plan for the future - because your life is not over. That thing that happened to you and seemingly wrecked your world is not the end. 


What most would consider a ‘fairy-tale’ ending is yours for the taking. This extraordinary life I live today is proof of what is possible after great loss and life transition. My marriage to Brent, the new family unit we created in that union with six wild and beautiful children, living a life full of purpose and spending my days impacting others enjoying the beaches in Naples, are what brings me pure joy. I love our life and I want to give you the tools to build a life that you love too!


Whatever it takes,


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