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Debra Costello
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I am a life transformation coach, a divorced single mother, the designer of my amazing life and have a passion for making a difference.  I live in gratitude and believe in infinite possibilities.

I was in technology sales for most of my career and despite a history of success and natural aptitude, it wasn’t my passion.  When well into my career, the opportunity to transition from sales into a coach/trainer role presented itself I took it.  It was through my role as a coach/trainer that I discovered that helping people find their own successes was my passion. I brought down to earth, real communication and had a knack for being able to coach my clients in a customized way depending on their current understanding.  Some required spoon feeding while others just needed some guidance as they elevated.

I’ve always had an insatiable sense of curiosity.  I found that my innate curiosity made me a natural coach.  Different from counseling, coaching is the ability to lead someone to uncover their own solutions, their own light bulb moments that inspire them so much that they are compelled to take intentional action for growth.

When my marriage of many years ended, I found that I had spent my

time focused on what was best for my family and really had no clear vision of who I was now, as a single woman, and what the future held for me.  Knowing I wanted my future to include love and happiness, I needed to figure out how to make that happen. After a series of frustrations and disappointments, I was done allowing my experiences to control me and I set out to commit to being the very best version of ME in order to design and attract an extraordinary life.  I had a plan, a process and took intentional action to achieve the life I desired.  Along with finding success in my quest, I also found that I had not only the ability, but a compelling desire to make a difference in helping others do the same. 

I coach from a perspective of active listening, thought provoking questions and a very down to earth and customized approach that leads my clients down the path to their own answers.  Rather than using what I call “overly coachy talk”, you will find that I am very real and down to earth, patient and have a true passion to understand and guide you to designing the life of your dreams. 


Time is precious…let’s get started.

Whatever it takes,


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