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Brent Seaman
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People ask me what I do…. My business card says Chief Impact Officer…. Just a fancy way to say I work hard each and every day to the impact lives around me. I’m a lifestyle strategist, coach, and inspirational keynote speaker with a focus on life transformation and design, living a life with purpose, life after tragedy, overcoming, and living unconquered…


But what I really do is “whatever it takes”. Whatever it takes to help you get from where you are to where you desire to be.  


I’ve spent the majority of my life as a serial tech entrepreneur. I launched my first business at 12 and quickly went headfirst into the school of hard knocks. My story takes you back 21 years to a 26-year-old kid who found early success and big accomplishments while in the fast lane of real-life business. I stumbled faced with compromise, causing me to lose everything – including my freedom. I share my perspective from a lifetime of success with the most impactful chapters of life written from the setbacks that led to my imprisonment and the difficult days that followed. I will share my story of faith, finding hope, living with intention, being an overcomer and how to apply these experiences to the day-to-

day setbacks we all experience and get new results. I’ll lead you down a path of overcoming. My story is an emotional story of purpose, passion, redemption and – most importantly – love and freedom. 

Beat down but not broken, I stepped back into life ready to face and overcome tough challenges. Persistence and an unstoppable spirit granted me what it took and led to an unbelievable comeback. While all the critics stood on the sidelines to remind me of my past, I built and sold two very successful companies under the most adverse circumstances – circumstances that many would deem impossible. A big driver of the success was the guiding principle, “businesses don’t grow; relationships do” - an obsession to invest and help people achieve their life’s goals, have meaningful relationships, and live a truly quality life. A life I believe they could have and deserved.


I was married for 24 years and from that marriage had 4 wonderful kids, one of which has special needs and is a significant contributor to the success story of my life; she is the real overcomer.


I left my marriage honorably but did not always show up during those 24 years as the best version of Brent, that marriage ended with love not being enough. We coach not counsel, so I don’t spend time with my clients talking about how they got there, and I don’t spend time telling my story of the journey to divorce. I spend a lot of time with our clients talking about the months that followed and the work that went on within me to become the person who could attract the woman of my dreams, build the incredible relationships I have with my kids today, build meaningful friendships and contribute to this world at new levels.


I coach from these real life experiences and teach the same principles that I lived out on the comeback from life’s trials and the rebuild from failed relationships – principles that I live out daily allowing me the incredible marriage and relationship with Jana and our kids, financial independence and the free-spirited life in Naples, Florida, waking up to God's most beautiful creation looking out over the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico.


These life experiences have sparked a fire of relentless pursuit, not only in my life but to help others find their purpose and take massive action for lasting change – the kind of action necessary to have an extraordinary life you deserve. I believe passion resides within us, buried underneath fear, excuses, uncertainty and limiting beliefs. My desire is to help people gain the skills and resources they need to experience their breakthrough and fulfill their dreams - big or small. I will help you identify the life you want and the limiting beliefs that blur what you believe can really be available to you in a quality of life and relationships. We will develop a new blueprint, a plan of clarity, and put a timeline to this. I will help you get your breakthrough by exercising the same systems I have - the same systems that allow me this incredible life as well as the many clients and colleagues I have helped along the way.


I share this story with you to say that the most meaningful and most valuable accomplishment in this journey of life has been the relationship I found with Jana Seaman and the quality relationships I have with my kids, building real memories and traditions. This did not happen overnight, but the results are to be envied and available for all.


I’m excited to work with you and I stand with you in your pursuit of greatness.


Whatever it takes….



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