grief coaching in a group setting
Surround yourself with people walking a similar journey of grief and loss ... we'll cry, heal, and learn to live our lives again

You are hurting. Grieving. Trying to breathe. Wondering if you can really live your life the same again. Hoping for healing. And feel guilty for even thinking about being happy after such tragic loss.


Nobody - not even your friends or family knows what to say or how to handle you.

We are your people. Lean into us; we'll lead the way.

Our IMPACT LIFE GROUPS (exclusive, member-only support groups) are our flagship service - a group of people doing life together; walking similar roads. Be inspired to new levels of life every single week - sharing the challenges, victories, stories and insights from your life, all while your new #tribe encourages, supports, and challenges you to new depths of living, laughing and loving.  


In our programs, we are literally shaking the foundations of the traditional approach to life after tragedy. The weekly group is facilitated by Jana Seaman or one of her grief coaching team members. The sessions are designed to help you navigate through life following loss and it's challenges using the collective intelligence of others while offering an unmatched community of widow(er)s and people who have experienced great loss.

 The coach will lead and facilitate using our playbook and strategies to work through grief, guilt, pain, and all that comes with loss but the agenda belongs to the group. We raise the bar by challenging one another to push limits, create and implement goals, brainstorm ideas and support each other with total honesty, respect, integrity, and compassion. IMPACT LIFE members act as catalysts for growth and support their colleagues in a pursuit to become the very best version of themselves - radically transforming their day-to-day. ​


As part of an IMPACT LIFE GROUP, you will gain tremendous insights from other peers/members - giving you an unfair advantage in rebuilding an extraordinary life. If you're searching for a support group that offers passive involvement, a weekly video, a workbook, and a pat on the back THIS IS NOT FOR YOU.

You show up to my groups, you do the work, and you will get the results. Guaranteed.


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I wish there was a universal guide or manual for grieving, healing and recovery after loss and death - it sure would have been helpful to me after Jon's death. Instead, though, I was there just trying to survive. It doesn't have to be that way. 

You can choose to have a better experience.

Our groups will provide you, in a convenient and private setting, the camaraderie, resources, support, know-how, and experience you will need to successfully navigate the waters post-loss, even if you're still in the middle of your cloud of grief. The strategies and philosophies we teach and live were developed after a tragic loss of our own - I identify with where you are and want to see the next chapter of your life play out to be better than you could imagine. The loss you endured was devastating, no doubt. You'll carry it with you, but it does not have to define your future - you can have that incredible life again that you dream about.

You've found your #TRIBE; your CREW; your PEOPLE. 


Take steps each week towards becoming a healthier YOU - both emotionally and physically. We'll walk with you as you write your next chapter and set yourself up to live YOUR BEST LIFE AFTER LOSS and help you to avoid painful and often costly mistakes. 



  • How to know if you're ready to date again

  • Learn to BE what you want to attract

  • Be vulnerable and open to finding real, true love

  • Identify your love language and what fills your "love account"

  • Have complete & absolute clarity on your ideal mate

  • Hold to your standards without compromise

  • Pull someone in rather than pushing them away

  • Keeping good emotional boundaries while "getting back out there"

  • Are you dating to marry? 

  • How to pick someone to be in that step-father role

  • Navigate the dating waters and select the right online platform for you

  • Write a powerful profile that is both captivating & honest

  • Do's and Don'ts for your first date  and beyond

  • Guideline of dating & intimacy 

  • Dating in the era of social media and texting

  • Learn how to show up and be present & communicate more effectively without "dumping"



  • Take steps toward healing and begin your move forward

  • Feeling lost or overwhelmed with the 'business' side of death? Gain expertise & insight from others who know how to handle it all

  • Identify exactly what you want and who you are for your next chapter

  • Design & adopt a new blueprint for life after loss

  • Work through the array of emotions flooding you

  • Step outside of your comfort zone

  • Increase confidence knowing that you're moving in the right direction & making decisions to achieve the best outcome

  • Boost your everyday mental attitude & emotional strength

  • Find your passion about life and work again

  • Define and work towards financial independence

  • Show up every day as the very best version of yourself in every area of your life

  • Build out a friend network that enhances your quality of life

  • and so much more ...




Let's Get Started

A brief telephone introduction with Jana: you'll tell us your story and what your needs are right now; and together we'll discuss which group is right for you

Sign-Up & Select the best time that works for you

Submit your new member packet

Gain access to your group's private social platform for communicating and doing life with your people throughout the week

What You Need

A laptop or computer with working webcam

A journal for documenting the transformation and putting your action plan on paper

A willingness to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to step into your best life after loss

YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR ... because if you don't laugh, you'll cry. We're making big moves & doing deep work


real people.

real hurt.

real healing.

real results.

all by video conference.

Frequently asked questions

How does an IMPACT LIFE GROUP work?

IMPACT LIFE GROUPS meet for one hour through video conference weekly. The group also interacts and supports one another during the week via an online message board and private social platforms. Because of the camaraderie nature of our IMPACT LIFE GROUPS, we are looking for those members open to participating for a full year; but a three month financial commitment is required. This is of importance and speaks directly to the quality of the journey the group takes alongside one another. This group of highly-motivated people are willing to show up for every meeting - bearing transparency and authenticity. That commitment is crucial for your success and the success of the group as a whole. Each meeting follows an agenda - determined by the needs of the individual group - and the coach (facilitator) keeps things flowing productively allowing for deeper, richer brainstorming, goal-setting, blueprinting and accountability.

Who will facilitate my IMPACT LIFE GROUP?

Your IMPACT LIFE GROUP facilitator will be one of our experienced professional coaches who have been trained to guide the discussions of the group while bringing about the success of every member. It is their job to create an environment where trust and rapport are foundational among the members, while guiding the group to deeper discussions and helping to awaken all that is lying dormant within the group members - bringing to life within the IMPACT LIFE GROUP sessions the very goals you are striving to attain. Note that an IMPACT LIFE GROUPS Coach should not be confused with an instructor/facilitator or a team leader/facilitator. Group facilitation has its own set of skills and roles and differ from teaching adults or working with a corporate team to implement a single, common goal. Your facilitator has the experience and capability to run excellent success-oriented meetings, hold the group accountable, and the expertise to brainstorm with the members to find solutions to tough problems.

What goals can an IMPACT LIFE GROUP help me achieve?

An IMPACT LIFE GROUP is an ideal offering if you are a person looking to go to the next level (ELEVATE) - either in your personal life, relasionships, friends circle, or in your career / business or both! It will offer you sound, unbiased guidance as you overcome the challenges and roadblocks along the journey to achieve your goals. Imagine having a permanent group of five to eight people who meet regularly for the sole purpose of identifying and solving problems, brainstorming, clarifying goals, encouraging and motivating each other, and assessing risks all while holding each other accountable to taking the actionable steps to achieve their goals! An IMPACT LIFE GROUP offers real support and seeks growth together to be powerfully effective and see lasting change.

Why Set Goals?

The difference between staying average and living extraordinary - between explosive success and mediocrity - for many is simply a matter of creating a clear vision, setting goals, and having the strenth and accountability to see it through to finish. Once you gain the relationship, or get the job, or buy the home, or have the family, etc.. many people tend to transition to merely "going with the flow/ just doing the work". When you fail to continually push yourself to set new and bigger goals and outline a clear path for achievement, you are putting life on cruise control and thereby passively saying that you are content with where you are. And in that place, in that mindset, life will rule you – not the other way around.