Armed with real-life experience, powerful emotional strength, and proprietary techniques and methodologies, Brent & Jana Seaman elevate passion and drive massive change in lives they touch. 


​Unlike other coaching programs that merely speak from 'textbook teaching' or 'what sounds like it might work', they bring strategies and philosophies gained from personal experience as survivors and overcomers. They have both rebuilt from below ground zero and have the battle scars to prove it. Fuse this with their obsession for seeing people live the passionate life they deserve and the unique programs and strategies they have developed, and the growth opportunity for individuals - either personally or professionally - is limitless. They have blueprinted a life with intention to achieve success on the other side of extreme pain, adversity,loss and divorce. A place where the masses fail themselves - whether stuck inside limiting beliefs and fear of change, or don't have the emotional strength to birth and produce the change they need on their own. ​


Let's be honest ... you're on this site because you want more. Is it a better life? Support from Loss or Divorce, More success? A new healthy relationship? better marriage, A life overhaul? To be the best version of yourself? Every person has their own set of loss, distractions and tragedies. The difference between those who get stuck in mediocrity and those who rise above to conquer and master their own life is simply a matter of creating a clear blueprint, setting measurable goals, and having the accountability in place to push you through the mud. Many don't even achieve the first set of goals so that they can go on to taste success and have an opportunity to dream even bigger. Likely because life gets in the way - the truth is this: life will rule you if you don't rule life. We will help you identify purpose, gain clarity, overcome hurdles and be revived with a renewed sense of passion for life. With your individualized plan to move forward and a transformation coach by your side, you will see unstoppable momentum and explosive results in YOUR LIFE!  ​


Let's start today - elevate passion and experience growth in all areas of your life!  ​ ​


on the art of el·e·vate _ ol·o·gy:
"...our systems and processes are brought from the street. It's not 
textbook teaching, but developed by two warriors who have lived
their lives unconquered no matter what life has thrown at them.
We teamed up, living each day with intention, and have created
the life of our dreams by design with our family in Naples, Florida.
And our obsession is seeing every person we come in contact with 
leave inspired and equipped for great change."
-Brent & Jana




​You will find there are multiple titles for coaches but here at United In Assignment we have coined the term "Transformation Coach" - because we are agents of change.  We believe that massive and lasting change lies on the other side of uncertainty and fear and requires the grit to make tough decisions. An ELEVATE Transformation Coach is a professional who assists you in maximizing your full potential and is a guiding light of sorts that sees you through to reaching the goals and desires that you establish for your life. 


Coaches help you walk through the process of identifying any limits or beliefs that are hindering progress, clearly define goals, put measurable markers in place, assist in identifying the best game plan for action, are a strategist and motivator and will hold you accountable and challenge you to perform at your peak state and live with intention. Our clients invest in ELEVATE coaching because they are ready to break free from what has been holding them back from living the life they want. They want to see measurable improvement, to be the very best version of themselves, experience more growth - and they want to do these things with efficiency. ​


While we focus on Loss, Divorce and Marriage, people from all walks of life, seasons of life, and professions can benefit from ELEVATE Transformation Coaching - IF - they are growth-minded, driven, and want to elevate passion in their lives. Our clients include business leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, SAHMoms, managers, those entering the retirement stage, professionals, small business owners and all dreaming of a better life. These people all identify a gap between where they are and where they want to be and are taking action every day to close that void!

A Transformation coach encourages, motivates and advises you on a range of personal and professional issues. Coaching is distinct from giving advice, consulting, counseling, mentoring or therapy. You would hire a coach to help you with specific personal goals and transitions. They help you to achieve growth at an extraordinary rate by analyzing your current situation, identifying and cultivating your dreams and ambitions, existing and potential challenges and obstacles, and developing a custom blueprint of action designed to help you achieve specific outcomes.


Many people think that coaching is only for people who have problems or who can’t succeed on their own. Let’s take an objective look at all of the top performers and athletes in this world and realize one commonality: they all have a coach, and they place great value on the coach and the importance of their role in their world. An outstanding coach may not necessarily be better at your game than you are - but they are outstanding at developing a winning game plan and helping push the limits you have subconsciously placed on your life. Their outside perspective coupled with their own personal experiences, passion and purpose propels their client's growth and puts them in motion to achieve their goals at an unstoppable rate. Whether you’re trying to overcome loss, divorce, next phase of life transitions, have a meaningful marriage or make more meaningful personal connections, or identifying the blueprint to your victory - even the most skilled, successful people can benefit from Transformation coaching. 


What does a Transformation Coach do?

A Transformation coach encourages, motivates and advises you on a range of professional and personal issues. Coaching is distinct from giving advice, consulting, counseling, mentoring or therapy. You would hire a coach to help you with specific professional projects, personal goals and transitions. A coach helps you achieve growth by analyzing your current situation, identifying existing and potential challenges and obstacles, and developing a custom blueprint of action designed to help you achieve specific outcomes. The Transformation Coach / client relationship is a partnership where both parties are in a pursuit together to:

  • ​Gain clarity and outline the client's vision
  • Encourage the client's self-discovery
  • Use the Transformation Coach's expertise to assist the client in developing and implementing of goals and initiatives
  • Nurture and evoke strategies and an actionable plan around the blueprint to best achieve the clien't goals - matching their personality & vision
  • Set processes for measurement of progress / successes
  • Offer accountability and help the client tap into their inner strength and uncover their passions within to see their blueprint come to life

Coaching Misconceptions: THIS IS NOT THERAPY

It is understandable that you may be wondering what the difference is between a life coach and a therapist….the answer is that the variation is great, they are very different. Coaching accepts your current reality and looks to improve your outcome moving forward while bringing to life all that lies dormant within you. Your life coach does not treat childhood issues, depression, anxiety, etc... Future vs. Past Therapy will help you uncover and heal ailments from your past. This is vital for being able to forgive and move past hurtful experiences. Our coaches generally don’t spend much time in the stories of your past. We are interested and care about how you got to where you are now - but even more important to us is taking where you are now, identifying where you want to go, and helping you get there to maximize your potential. A transformation coach will bring focus on looking and moving forward toward your future with momentum. While they may offer you their expertise, suggestions, strategies, new ideas or action steps, they are not advice-givers. Most believe that their fulfillment / passions are hiding - like they are somewhere in the world and need to be found. And only then will they be able to live the life of passion they dream about. We believe that a person's passion cannot be controlled by anyone or anything, rather, it dwells within each one of us. If you are looking to achieve greatness in your life, to create and see growth personally or professionally, passion is the ingredient that once unveiled and tapped into makes us unstoppable. It's about asking the right questions and uncovering what you already have inside to help you find your path, your truth, your life filled with passion and purpose.


A therapist tends to work with more focus on the past - a certain problem you are having and moving backward to find what got you there in the first place. It is analytical, but not action-oriented. A life coach, on the other hand, is going to be focused on your now - creating solutions and cultivating an atmosphere that will get you from where you are to where you want to be. If you want to identify and cultivate your gifts and skills to live your purpose and passion each and every day then hiring an ELEVATE Transformation Coach to help you arrive at your best would be a great step for you. While your coach may help you deal with problems that arise along the way, the focus of the sessions and your work together will be on finding new ways of action and thinking that will help you to achieve your goals. Elevate Transformation Coaching isn’t therapy in disguise; it is a service designed to help ambitious people achieve more success while navigating their way through the complex issues following loss.

Qualities of a Transformation Coach

Because your Transformation Coach is a catalyst for individuals and organizations to uncover their greatness they are sure to become a trusted friend - after all, they want and expect the best from you. They will offer accountability and challenge you to perform at your peak. They are Motivators: A Transformation Coach is a source of motivation and inspiration that gives you the push you need to reach your full potential; that catalyst for growth. You need motivation and encouragement from outside of yourself to make a significant change. Coaches are with you every step of the way, helping you find ways to stay on track and motivated to accomplish the goals you set - and so much more. They are Strategists: Effective strategizing is essential for a coach. One of the first things a coach will do is ask very specific questions about what you want to accomplish and help you to clearly identify and define your goals. Efficiency is key to creating and keeping momentum to create lasting change. One of the benefits to working with a coach is that they assist you in realizing your dreams more quickly and efficiently. Accountability Partners A life coach is someone who will keep you accountable for reaching your goals and making positive changes. They maintain contact and check in throughout the process to make sure you are progressing and keeping your forward momentum. Many people tend to rely on friends and family for this role - in most cases these people are not living the life you desire and offer no real bar of accountability for raising your standards. A life coach will not just let your dream fizzle without saying anything about it and just pat you on the back for trying. They will hold you accountable to what you said you will do. They motivate and keep you from making excuses and allowing limiting beliefs that hold you back.

Why would you work with a Transformation Coach?

People choose to hire life coaches either because they are ready to break free from what has been holding them back from living the life they want or they are in a season of transition and want to live with intention and roadmap their destiny. They want to improve, be the best version of themselves, see more growth, and do these things quickly and more efficienty - because our time is valuable and we only have one life to live! People in all walks of life work with coaches - our clients include: entrepreneurs, executives, those entering the retirement stage, managers, professionals, small business owners, SAHMoms, and those dreaming of a better life after loss, divorce, or in your marriage. These people all identify a gap between where they are and where they want to be. You and your coach will set challenging, but achievable, goals. Your coach will ensure that you are not settling for limited goals or being too negative as you assess your position by helping you calibrate your long and short-term goals against your core values. These aspects of the process all work together to allow the client to maximize his or her potential, and research shows that coaching is a far more effective combination than training alone. In fact, training alone can increase productivity by 22.4%, but when combined with weekly life coaching, productivity is boosted by 88%. There’s a reason that life coaching is the second-fastest growing profession in the world –because it works for people. Few people can honestly say that they are already performing at the top of their game each and every day. If you are ready to truly maximize your human potential, and take your life to the next level, then it’s time to seek out a life coach.

How does coaching work?

Life coaching typically works like this: video conference meeting one hour per week (sometimes two or more depending on action items and the client's priorities and timelines). It’s a structured format, although your coach will ultimately work with you to create a custom action plan and blueprint. Assessing your current position helps you and your coach measure your progress and identify current and potential obstacles for achieving your life full of passion and purpose. You and your coach will work to:

  • Define your vision and gain clarity in your purpose – Get clear and focused on the goals and objectives that will radically change your life in the next year.
  • Identify barriers and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back so that you can move past them.
  • Achieve your health & fitness goals – Have more energy to live the life of purpose you are destined for, with accountability from a coach that pushes you, you're more likely to stay committed for lasting results.
  • Ignite passion in your relationships – Remove sabotaging habits and beliefs and allow yourself true connections and discover the key to fulfillment in all relationships.
  • Become a more effective leader – Break through limitations and gain the skills to persuade, inspire and connect with others.
  • Prepare for change – Tap into courage, strength, passion and confidence to overcome any challenge or change that life throws at you. Growth requires change.
  • Grow your business – Commit in times of uncertainty, and step out of your comfort zone to drive your business to new horizons with remarkable profits.

How do I begin working with an Elevate Transformation Coach?

If you are ready to elevate passion in every area of your life and learn how to build meaningful relationships by being the very best version of you, schedule a complimentary 30-minute strategy session today. You will be contacted by one of our coaches and we'll talk to you about the next steps in defining your vision, goal setting, and making an actionable blueprint that will challenge you and allow you to achieve extraordinary results.


“Coaching is only for people who have problems or who can’t succeed on their own.” Let’s take an objective look at all of the top performers and athletes in this world and realize one commonality: they all have a coach. And they place great value on the coach and the importance of their role in their life. Coaching is for anyone who wants to improve their performance, take massive action, and experience real results and growth in all areas of their life. The truth is that even the most skilled, successful people can benefit from coaching. A Transformation Coach is professionally trained to help you maximize your full potential and reach your desired results. Coaching focuses on helping another person learn in ways that allow him / her to keep growing. It is based on asking rather than telling, on provoking thought rather than giving directions, and on holding a person accountable for his or her goals. Broadly speaking, the purpose is to increase effectiveness, broaden thinking, identify strengths and development needs, and set and achieve challenging goals. While coaches do need to have great listening skills, delivering high-quality coaching is far more than just listening and giving advice. It demands that the coach be able to draw on a deep base of knowledge, experience and training to craft unique solutions for each scenario and work with the client to implement them. Coaches are objective and will offer unbiased opinions about how to move toward accomplishing your goals and most importantly implement and deploy the tools used for accountability to ensure the lasting change and meaningful long term results.

You and your ELEVATE transformation coach will set challenging but achievable goals. Your coach will ensure that you are not settling with limited beliefs, rushing the process, or being too negative as you assess your position by helping you calibrate your short and long-term goals against your core values.  ​


These aspects of the process all work together to allow the client to maximize his or her potential. Research shows that training alone can increase productivity by 22.4%; but when combined with weekly coaching, productivity is boosted by 88%. Training is far more effective when combined with coaching. Without it, many feel the 'high' from a motivational surge (ie: podcasts, motivational speeches, etc...) but have no lasting results or real change.   ​


There’s a reason that life coaching is the second-fastest growing profession in the world. It works for people. And they are seeing real results. Very few people are performing at the top of their game in every area each and every day. If you are ready to maximize your human potential and take your life to the next level, then it’s time to start working with one of our ELEVATE transformation coaches! ​