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Jana Seaman is more than just a name in the venture capital industry. As the Founder and CEO of VALO Holdings group, she stands as a beacon for innovation, determination, and exceptional leadership. Hailing from Naples, Florida, Jana's venture capital acumen is backed by her passion for helping businesses achieve unmatched success. Beyond the confines of her boardroom, Jana emerges as a prominent public speaker, a keen entrepreneur, and a mentor, guiding many toward realizing their business dreams.


Current Role: Steering VALO Holdings Group

As the visionary behind the VALO Holdings group, Jana has effectively positioned the firm as a pivotal entity in the venture capital landscape. VALO Holdings doesn't merely provide funding—it offers a complete suite of business solutions tailored for companies poised at the cusp of exponential growth. From leadership coaching to operational management, Jana ensures that VALO stands out as an ally, particularly for businesses in technology, financial services, and the automotive sector.


Career History: A Journey Marked by Excellence

Over the years, Jana has crafted a reputation that resonates with excellence and innovative thinking. Her commitment to small or large businesses stems from a deep-rooted belief in their potential and her ability to harness it. By aligning business goals with sustainable growth strategies, Jana's leadership has seen many companies soar to impressive heights.


Academic and Professional Expertise


Venture Capital (VC)

A linchpin in the VC domain, Jana's insights and strategies have consistently yielded lucrative results and have empowered businesses to scale and innovate.



Jana is not just a proponent of entrepreneurship; she embodies it. With an innate ability to identify opportunities and transform them into profitable ventures, she inspires budding entrepreneurs.


Women Business Leaders

Jana was recognized in Gulfshore Life's prestigious '40 under 40' list in 2022 as a testament to her achievements and influence. Her place on this list reflects not just her business acumen but also a symbol of hope for countless women aspiring to make their mark in the business world.


Charitable Involvement and Mentoring

Beyond her corporate responsibilities, Jana dedicates much of her time to guiding individuals, especially women, sharing her insights, experiences, and strategies, enabling them to navigate the complex business world. This mentorship extends beyond conventional wisdom, fostering an environment where individuals can professionally and personally thrive.


Jana Seaman also recently supported the Montana-based organization Big Sky Bravery as part of their Gold Rush Rally philanthropic tour across the western United States, participating in the rally and contributing $50,000 to the organization.


"As the widow of a decorated special forces veteran, the mission at Big Sky Bravery resonated with us and our VALO Holdings Group family. We are honored to support Big Sky Bravery and their mission to provide life-changing experiences to our brave servicemen and women. The VALO Holdings Group team is humbled by the opportunity to contribute to such a remarkable cause. Through this donation, we hope to express our gratitude and appreciation for the sacrifices made by our veterans and help them find healing and solace in Montana's breathtaking surroundings."


United in Assignment, LLC (UIA) is another program founded by Jana to inspire others through her compelling story of how she chose to build an extraordinary life versus settling for the life she was handed as a widow of a war hero, raising their two small daughters after her husband's fifteen-month battle with cancer (leukemia) – ultimately taking his life.


"As a transformation coach struck by the tragic loss of a husband, my supporting role in the loss network grew. I saw that others affected by tragedy were having trouble getting back on the path to a meaningful life. From personal experience, I can say that it isn't from a lack of desire, but from a lack of understanding of how, when, and what to do."

Personal Life and Interests

Public Speaking

Jana's ability to captivate her audience goes beyond the boardroom. As a public speaker, she delves into many topics, sharing her experiences, insights, and wisdom, inspiring and motivating her listeners.


Personal Coaching and Entrepreneurship

Mentoring is more than just a hobby for Jana; it's a passion. Her coaching sessions have transformed lives, enabling individuals to grow personally and professionally. Her emphasis on entrepreneurship in these sessions lays the foundation for many to embark on their entrepreneurial journeys, fortified with knowledge and confidence.


Business Planning

Strategic, forward-thinking, and meticulous—Jana's approach to business planning has been a cornerstone of her success. Her ability to forecast trends, identify potential pitfalls, and strategize for growth underscores her unmatched expertise in this domain.


A Legacy of Vision and Determination

Jana Seaman's biography is not just a chronicle of achievements; it's a testament to what vision, determination, and genuine passion can achieve. From Naples to the global stage, Jana continues to inspire, lead, and transform the venture capital world. Her contributions to the business world and her dedication to mentoring and public speaking ensure that her legacy will resonate for generations to come.

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4851 Tamiami Trail N Suite 200
Naples, FL 34103


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