trauma & tragedy can be crippling. but the world, your world needs you whole and thriving 

our work opens a person up to true, deep & lasting healing; empowering the individual with the ability to move forward in their grief to seize the future seasons of life



I'm Jana.


I'm a widow (now married again) - I felt so lost, shattered, and alone as I tried to navigate my broken heart and dreams while still showing up for our two children. 

Now my passion is to help other people use the same tools I did to pilot their way to a life of meaning. A life of happiness.






Jana, alongside her team, offers coaching in three specialty areas; GRIEFLOSS, AND rebuilding the life you want after LIFE'S DISAPPOINTMENTS.


If you are grieving the loss of a spouse or loved one, marriage, the end of a season in your life, or desire to find purpose and quality of life, we will impact the way in which you live into and experience the next chapters of your story.

We connect with our clients each week either in person or virtually, supporting strong connections and relationships with each person we work with. These sessions are as unique as the individual(s) who are attending and the goals they have set to achieve. Clients leverage our coaching in two settings, one-on-one or in one of our groups where they are surrounded with like-minded peers who have faced a similar circumstance and are moving to their victory with team support.


Intensive work happens at our retreats - Jana creates an atmosphere for deep healing and restoration to occur simultaneously with rest & rejuvenation {at the beach}! You will be armed with the right tools to overcome all that is weighing you down and work with the best in the industry. She believes that the magic of engagement is the vehicle that drives you to apply what you have learned to your life. The retreat is designed to help you gain clarity, identify what YOU want now, develop new and tangible friendship connections, and learn to BECOME what you want to attract - and NOT only in the sense of relationships. You will return home restored, with new energy and direction and a step-by-step playbook for lasting results.

You are a creator and within you lies the passion necessary to create the life you deserve. We will not allow limiting beliefs or fear to stand in the way of your potential and refuse to allow you to settle for less than the absolute best in your next phase of life.

we are both proud and passionate

about what we do - and it shows.

our work in the grief and transformation community has been recognized nationally

we are proud that our work

is recognized nationally


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